Current Happenings

Welcome to the Scholls Women’s Club! We are glad you found our website! We are a dynamic group of women with the common goal of bettering our beloved community in Scholls, Oregon. To learn more about the Scholls Women’s Club and our history in Scholls, click here.

You’re Invited! We are hosting our Annual Community Potluck on Sunday, October 15 at 5pm at Oregon Heritage Farms in Scholls. We had a fabulous time last year! Despite a crazy windstorm, we had over 100 people join us for a meal and community connection – won’t you join us this year?

If you are able, please bring one of the following food items to share. If your last name begins with:
A-J Please bring a SALAD
K-R Please bring a CASSEROLE
S-Z Please bring a DESSRT

Coffee, punch, and table settings will be provided.

If you have questions or concerns, please call 503-616-2909
or email

We would LOVE it if you would come and bring your neighbors!!

RSVP to our event here.


If you are a current Hillsboro High School senior and interested in applying for our annual scholarship, please check out the requirements here: Scholarship Application and Guidelines.