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The Scholls Women’s Club was founded in 1935 as a community service group in Scholls, Oregon. The Club originally formed as a way for the women in the area – the large majority of whom were mothers and wives of farmers – to get together and socialize and plan ways to help the welfare of the community. Today, more than 75 years later, the club honors that legacy as it continues to operate as a non-profit organization serving the community of Scholls and the surrounding area.

Scholls is a special little farming community situated southwest of Portland between Newberg, Sherwood, Hillsboro and Beaverton. Today, Scholls remains home to many family farms, has a wide array of Farm Stands and U-Pick destinations, and is situated on Washington County’s Scenic Byway, drawing ample motor and cycle tourism during the summer months. We boast two grange halls, an elementary school, an airport, church, café, general store – and acres and acres of hazelnuts, grass seed, berry crops, wheat, apples, dahlias and more!

Our Club’s mission is to connect and enrich our community in creative and engaging ways. We host an Old Fashioned Community Potluck each fall, which serves as an opportunity for residents of our community – which spans quite a large geographic distance – to come together for a meal and a laugh. It has been a wildly successful event. In 2016, the Scholls Community showed up in droves, despite the severe weather affecting our area (several residents had even lost power but managed to prepare their potluck dishes anyway and make the trek to the event completely undeterred!). A highlight of this event is the $5 raffle: The SWC assembles and gives away a “Taste of Scholls” basket, which is stuffed with gift certificates and merchandise from local businesses, farms, and families. The proceeds of this and other fundraisers such as our Annual High Tea go directly toward funding college scholarships for students at Hillsboro High School. In 2016, the SWC was pleased to be able to give more than $4500 to graduating seniors bound for secondary education.

The Scholls Women’s Club is deeply rooted in our relationships with our friends and neighbors. Our Club has long provided food and beverage service to funerals within the Scholls Community – supplying casseroles, salads, and desserts prepared and served by members of our club. Over the course of the 2015-2016 Club Year, our members served in some capacity at more than a dozen funeral services for neighbors or their family members in the area.

We serve the community through the Adopt-A-Landscape and Adopt-A-Road programs, servicing each at least twice a year as a team of volunteers. Our members bake cookies each holiday season and package gifts for shut-in or elderly members of our community, visiting each person on our list personally for a friendly chat and some sparkling holiday cheer. Many members of our community (and our Club) report that this is a highlight of their holiday season!

In short, we are a truly dynamic group of women who sincerely love each other, our community, and helping our neighbors. If you live in the Scholls, Oregon area, we would love to have you join us!
You can reach us at schollswomensclub@gmail.com.